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May Roadtrip Day 5 (May 27)

Travel log

May Roadtrip Day 5 (May 27)

Jesse Attanasio

Chadron II

When I woke up I decided I would skip breakfast and explore the East side of the Nebraska National Forest. The map I got from Chadron State Park showed that there was a couple roads that went through some pretty interesting areas so I thought it could be worth checking out.

The road I was on was pretty rugged, I had to be sure to keep my tires on top of the ruts from other vehicles because I would have for sure bottomed out in a few parts. Luckily it was dry there so I didn't worry too much about getting stuck in mud. However, the cattle run free out there so when I came across a group of cows, I was stuck there for quite a while waiting until finally they dispersed.

Almost immediately after the cattle I came across a guy in a truck with his son, they stopped so I rolled down my window and asked if the road was pretty bad ahead. He gave me a rather worried look and said, "You may want to be really careful not to fall into the ruts, otherwise you should be fine". Feeling like it shouldn't be long until I am back on the highway, I continued on. All was good until I realized that I was heading towards a rather steep hill and it looked like it was about to be a pretty bumpy ride up. I made it all the way to the top almost when I was forced to stop and plan my next move. I decided cutting at an angle to the left was the best way to avoid bottoming out and get my front end on the top of the hill. I put my car into 4WD and gassed it, unfortunately I bottomed out because I cut it a little too much to the left and had to teeter the car backwards and give it another attempt. When I made it on top I stepped out of the car to take a look back down the hill and to make sure I wasn't leaking anything. When all was clear, I followed the road until I ended back up at the Highway. 

Being that there wasn't much going on I went back to the peak in Chadron State Park and hiked out to do a little more adventuring and according to radar it looked like a storm could be forming to the East that could be sweet to catch from that view point.

So I packed everything up and headed out. Im not going to lie, It ended up just being me walking around setting up my tripod and not actually timelapsing because the skies were rather dull. But I did find a few spots that I plan on returning to for future shots.

Once I got back to my car I decided to call it a day and spend the night clearing SD cards and relaxing. So I went into town and got myself a few goodies. Most importantly a couple of steaks to make up for the painfully long day I put my body through the previous day.

While backing up a couple of my SD cards to my little netbook I watched a classic timelapse film "Timescapes" and ate my delicious steak. Crashing early was a first this trip and I was excited to do so. With the help of my newly purchased ear plugs and airplane sleep mask I was able to knock out a solid 9 hours of sleep.