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May Roadtrip Day 1 (May 23-24)

Travel log

May Roadtrip Day 1 (May 23-24)

Jesse Attanasio

Omaha to Pipestone to Yankton 

Gear before packing and loading, Remember I still need to leave room for me to sleep, and this doesn't even picture my Pelican Cooler.

Homemade shower I made from an old liquid fire extinguisher

After a ton of checking weather forecasts and being completely unsure on what route to take out to West Nebraska. I decided to throw the plans out of the window and hit the road to pick up a buddy and fellow photographer Chris Allington (intotherfd) to chase down clear skies for the camelopardalids meteor shower. We decided to set our target on Pipestone State Park since there looked to be a gap in the overcast skies we were stuck with in Nebraska.

When we pulled up to Pipestone we realized that the state was doing a controlled burn on the park which meant two things: 1. we would smell like campfire for days. 2. We might have some smoke haze in our night sky shots.

We hiked to the waterfall we planned to shoot just in time for a rather dull sunset. As the sunset and my camera was shooting the stream and smoke I took my other camera to go investigate some more on the fires I could see off of the assigned trail.

It was pretty crazy seeing the bottoms of trees halfway burnt up and the tops of them on fire too. I had to step carefully because there were a ton of burning branches laying around.

After the sunset we hiked back to my car to repack gear for shooting astrophotography and wait for another friend Mike Hollingshead (Extreme Instability) to arrive before heading back out to the waterfall. 

In the dark, the "controlled burn" was pretty intense to see so Mike and Chris ended up going out into the woods to do star trails of the treetops burning and the stars above. 

I ended up going back to the waterfall and setting up a Pan/tilt shot of the waterfall and found a way to the top of the waterfall to shoot some different angles, which brought on its own challenges with random fires starting up and nearly trapping me on the end of the waterfall.

Once we realized that camelopardalids was a bust and a light layer of clouds started to roll in we headed back to the cars and started heading back for Nebraska. But not before Mike gave us a little demonstration of his drone flight skills while possibly scaring some local farmers to believe in aliens. 

Pulled from instagram @onelapse

Right as we were about to cross from South Dakota to Nebraska we were given a pretty amazing sunset to in our review. Unfortunately I was zombie mode tired and would only stop if we stumbled across a good foreground. About 10 minutes after the peak of the sunset we saw this horseshoe creek and pulled over for a couple shots, even though I couldn't get the power lines out of the shot, I still am glad I stopped to catch it on camera.