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New store!

Jesse Attanasio

Might seem like a redundant post, and really it is. I was not happy with the quality of print I was getting with the fulfillment website I was using and I decided I should take a personal approach to it this time around. I really wanted to make a store that I would trust and buy something from myself. So a clean, easy to navigate layout and free shipping were a must! Since I am not going through any fulfillment services so the turnaround time can vary. There are quite a few photos that I have never even released and even a few spoilers for my short Omaha timelapse video I have been working on this winter. But there will be more about that in the next couple of weeks. 

Anyways, Im not saying you have to buy anything, but at least go check it out. And if you do feel like purchasing anything use this 15% off coupon code: RJ764D5
(expires 2/9/14)

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2014 Calendars Available!

Jesse Attanasio

Welp, I caved. I have had enough people asking for calendars that I spent this evening putting together and finishing a calendar of my favorite and most popular photos from 2013. I although Lulu takes a decent cut, I was able to slap a nice discount on it so everyone wins!

Calendars make good for last minute gifts, relatives that always miss your birthday, grandmothers with dozens of birthdays to remember, keeping your monthly bills on track, counting down the days till that next vacation! And while your at it, you might as well pick one up for yourself or your office. :)

All of the profits will be used to fund my 2014 plans. So I guess you can think of it as investing in next years calendar :)

Support independent publishing: Buy this calendar on Lulu.
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Online Store is Open

Jesse Attanasio

I finally broke down and registered for a online printing service. I quit accepting orders about a month ago and shipped everything I had on my backorder sheet. Truth is, I am incredibly busy these days and unable to order prints, mat them, and properly package them for shipment. So I put all of my most purchased photos onto fineartsamerica.com.

It is an incredible website that offers all sorts of custom framing, matting, canvas wraps and various methods of printing and the pricing is not outrageous either. 

One of my favorite things about it is that I was able to put an online store right onto this facbeook page! On the bar below the menu, you can see a button that says "BUY PRINTS HERE!" 

I will soon add a page to this website so purchases can be made from there as well. But if facebook is not an option for you. The FAA profile for my work is here  



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