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Making Omah4k

Jesse Attanasio

To clear things up for some questions I have been getting. The title shot was a real timelapsed 4axis shot with bulb ramping.Using promote control to do bulb ramping was necessary for this shot because you don't want to nudge the camera when adjusting and end up throwing the shot off. To read more on the setup click the link below

How it all works

I used an Emotimo TB3 head setup on a stepper mounted stage zero rail/car to set keyframed moves for the Pan/tilt/linear moves which was really the only way I saw this possible to do. Since I could control all three of those axis', I could keep the composition of the shot exactly how I wanted it to be and sync up the focus with a separate controller so i could choose the optimal time to focus to push the focus. That was a huge deal since the sky can change at any moment during a sunset and can't really be predicted an hour and a half before when you initially setup.

The Chronos Project's Lens Apparatus was used to set keyframes for focus control. Focus is an extremely delicate thing to control, specially when shooting at f2. The smallest miss of a mark when setting keyframes can ruin an entire shot and it doesn't help that most of the lenses I have include a little slack in the focus ring! haha. I have also streamlined my camera setup so it is easy and fast to setup with a a L-bracket made custom for the 6D, I wrote a blog about it a while back that i'll add the link to in the bottom of this post. In addition to that, I ordered a custom focus ring gear from a guy on ebay that fits snug on my 24mm bower lens (the 24mm and 35mm lenses have the same sized focus rings) 

So yea, It took me 6-7 attempts to get the rooftop title shot. That shot was by far the most difficult and required the most variables to be in my favor to achieve it  successfully. Wind was a big factor and actually ruined 2 shots by blowing the letters off of the roof and shaking even shaking the camera (30+ mph gusts will do that). Then there were the times where the sunset wasn't as good as I'd liked it to be, and of course there was a time where I forgot to format my memory card haha…

Overall it was an incredible learning experience, I was able to simplify my setup and master many aspects of setting up the shot and now feel completely comfortable with setting up the same shot even when in a pinch for time. 

Blog post I mentioned about the simple 6D focus setup

Gear used list: (if you purchase any of these items, I'd appreciate you mentioning ONElapse)

Promote Controller

Emotimo TB3 Black

Chronos Projects Lens Apparatus

Custom Lens focus Gears

Dynamic Perceptions stage zero cart with emotimo's stepper motor conversion kit

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"Chasing" a storm

Jesse Attanasio

My Experience

I felt the need to put quotes around "Chasing" on the title of this because I didn't really chase. I followed, got a little ahead of it, then I crossed my fingers it would work out and I wouldn't get rained or hailed on. 

I left all of my motion controll equipment at home for this one, mostly because I had no clue what I was getting into and I didn't know I was going to find such an awesome spot where I would be able to setup for a few hours. But I could have easily setup my chronos lite or even my lens apparatus at this particular place.

Some things I learned while doing this kind of stuff solo.

  • Don't do it solo
  • Have that other person be someone that knows how to read a radar and where to plot themselves for a storm
  • Bring extra weights for tripod stability
  • Have extra batteries for intervalometer
  • Bring your sharpest lenses in your bag
  • and of course, Always focus and expose under.







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Year One

Jesse Attanasio

I decided I should finally compile all of my timelapse clips together and put together a video to show what I've been up to. If you have any questions about my process or equipment I used, I have a list of my equipment in my About page and feel free to contact me via email or facebook.

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