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Lightroom 5 Vs Neat Video Noise Reduction

Jesse Attanasio

I wanted to see the difference between using Lightroom's Noise Reduction and Neat video's. I also wanted to know if what kind of damage it might do to an image when using both simultaneously.

Neat Video
Neat video is an incredibly intelligent tool when it comes to noise reduction and is really good at distinguishing between noise and stars when shooting astrophotography. 

Adobe Lightroom 5
Lightroom's noise reduction is basically the same thing as camera raw's. In fact lightroom is basically camera raw with organization and a couple extra useful tools. It does a good job at getting the majority of the noise but if your not careful it can quickly loose textures and begin to look muddy. 

Using the two combined seems to be a recipe for disaster. I think Neat video finds it difficult to evaluate the noise when its already reduced in Lightroom. Maybe if you do a really subtle NR in Lightoom it would do better, but why do it at all then?

Let me know if you have any suggestions or questions!

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