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New store!

Jesse Attanasio

Might seem like a redundant post, and really it is. I was not happy with the quality of print I was getting with the fulfillment website I was using and I decided I should take a personal approach to it this time around. I really wanted to make a store that I would trust and buy something from myself. So a clean, easy to navigate layout and free shipping were a must! Since I am not going through any fulfillment services so the turnaround time can vary. There are quite a few photos that I have never even released and even a few spoilers for my short Omaha timelapse video I have been working on this winter. But there will be more about that in the next couple of weeks. 

Anyways, Im not saying you have to buy anything, but at least go check it out. And if you do feel like purchasing anything use this 15% off coupon code: RJ764D5
(expires 2/9/14)

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