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Coming Soon: Reviews for Timelapse Photographers

Jesse Attanasio

I am working on a couple reviews on some recent products I have gotten specifically for timelapse. I won't do lens or camera body reviews because I think there is plenty of that already on the internet. But I do have a few things that I think should be of some interest for fellow timelapse photographers or people interested in timelapse. To give a hint, I have been on a quest for keeping my gear lightweight without loosing ANY capabilities or comforts.

 First up I am writing a comparison review of two timelapse systems that I don't believe has been done yet. Dynamic Perceptions MX2 vs. The Chronocontroller by Project Chronos . I am leaving on a week and a half trip starting tomorrow so you can expect this review to be posted by the middle of June. 

From there I mostly have nonessential but incredibly helpful tools to anyone doing timelapse photography.




 Anyways, I have to get back to packing and Fedex just dropped off the Canon 6D from Borrowlenses.com so that will further my procrastination. 

ead to my Instagram and follow me to keep updated on my trip. I'm really hoping weather permits for some amazing astrophotography for my next video. 


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