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How-to and Gear Reviews.. SUBSCRIBE!

Jesse Attanasio

I get a lot of questions about my gear, where I get it, what it does, and how I configure everything together. So I thought I'd try making a few short how to videos to explain how to configure particular setups. There are a ton of how to videos out there directly from motion control timelapse companies explaining how to use their gear, but hardly any that explain how to get them to work well with each other. 


This particular video is for configuring an intermediate 4axis setup with Bulb ramper. I avoided getting into details of camera setup and even the bulb ramper itself because they don't have a lot to do with the synchronization of the controllers for 4 axis timelapse movement.

In addition to the video I made some cheat sheets to better explain cable configurations instead of spending 5 minutes explaining each cable and where it goes. There is a simple, intermediate and Expert method (mostly based on adding more controllers to the mix). You can even download the PDF versions which have hotlinks to where you can get the gear.


I know this particular video won't pertain to a lot of you, but I'd like to get feedback on if I'm on the right track and if I should even continue to do videos like this. I will eventually be doing videos for  the Simple and Expert methods of 4axis movement as well. I'd also like to share some thoughts on gear specific for timelapse and I'm even working on interviewing or maybe having a google hang out with some of the more popular timelapsers. 

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