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"Chasing" a storm

Jesse Attanasio

My Experience

I felt the need to put quotes around "Chasing" on the title of this because I didn't really chase. I followed, got a little ahead of it, then I crossed my fingers it would work out and I wouldn't get rained or hailed on. 

I left all of my motion controll equipment at home for this one, mostly because I had no clue what I was getting into and I didn't know I was going to find such an awesome spot where I would be able to setup for a few hours. But I could have easily setup my chronos lite or even my lens apparatus at this particular place.

Some things I learned while doing this kind of stuff solo.

  • Don't do it solo
  • Have that other person be someone that knows how to read a radar and where to plot themselves for a storm
  • Bring extra weights for tripod stability
  • Have extra batteries for intervalometer
  • Bring your sharpest lenses in your bag
  • and of course, Always focus and expose under.







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