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Quick Trip to Colorado

Jesse Attanasio

On June 8th I drove to Southwest Colorado hoping to shoot some astrophotography and spend some time in the mountains. Unfortunately I was only granted one night of clear skies and only stayed for a total of two nights before making the 17 hour drive home. Anyways, I still had a blast! Here are a few of the highlights from that trip.

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Nebraska's Capital

Jesse Attanasio

I got a last minute call to shoot timelapse of memorial stadium, so I jumped at the opportunity! Before packing everything up, I took a few stills.

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May 9th Colorado Chase

Jesse Attanasio

Huge thanks to Omaha Twister Chasers for having me with them on this chase. I have gone with them a few times over the past couple years and it's always a good time regardless of if we get to see any tornados. 

We left Omaha at about 6pm May 8th to head to Dodge City, KS to get a jump start on the possible storms firing early Saturday in South West/ Central Kansas. 

After a good few hours rest at a Super 8 and a hearty IHOP breakfast we hit the road for the panhandle of Oklahoma to find the blue skies needed for severe outbreak.

After arriving in Hooker, OK and attempting to forecast the day with no luck due to Verizon Data problems we returned to the Verizon store in Liberal, KS and got everything squared away and were back on the road in no time.

Hats off to Will and Dan for going with their instincts and not fully trusting models. There was a ton of negativity on whether or not there would be any storms firing on social media but they saw potential and went with it.

Heading West to Southeast Colorado was discouraging as the potential storms we saw on radar were quickly dying but continued on our plan

From here I will just post photos and will likely be out of order until I can fix them over my next lunch break, but I will say that in total we counted 9 tornados drop from the storm we came up on and after the day ended our day with a short chase after some annoyingly sloppy dirt roads in Kansas as we tried to spot tornados dropping from a storm North of Grinnell, KS. Eventually we saw one rope out when we finally got a break in the hills and the lightning was consistent enough but the storm died shortly after and we headed back towards Omaha arriving at about 3:30 AM.

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