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My 4-Axis Build

Parts are here and everything fits! well kinda...

Jesse Attanasio

Last Friday I received the 3d Printed parts from Shapeways, so I was finally able to go to the hardware store and pick up a few bolts I thought might be the correct length and feel comfortable about pressing the thermoinserts in and see if the parts were printed correctly. 

Once I had the inserts pressed in I had to run back to the hardware store where I spent at least an hour looking through bolts for the correct thread sizes and lengths. I ended up realizing I ordered the wrong sized pulley, I forgot to order a specific size of thermo insert, the nylon bushings for the bearings were no where to be found and I needed some thumbscrews for the motor mounts. After checking the C4D file Doug included with his downloads I was able to get a better idea on the length of thumbscrews and parts that I wasn't able to find in the store and ordered them online.

Today the Carbon fiber rails came in and so did the nylon bushings. I was able to get the rail together but i'm still waiting on a few parts so I was only able to let it glide up and down, but I will say it was pretty smooth! 

Since I really didn't want to use a ballhead for mounting the Spectrum, I had ordered a Leveling wedge from Dynamic Perception and I'm not gonna lie, it's incredibly well made, I instantly loved it. Only problem was that the wedge was so big that it barely covered an important bolt on the cart that I need access to. Fortunately after some brainstorming and discussing with Doug I  found a way to mount the wedge to the cart and all I needed to do was file a small chunk of the wedge so the bolt could clear it.

Still no word on my Emotimo Spectrum, I sure do see a lot of people receiving theirs though. And it seems like signing up for a newsletter and preordering wasn't really worth it since as of today you can still order it for the same price. /end rant/end blog