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My 4-Axis Build

The Spectrum is here

Jesse Attanasio

The past few days have been pretty hectic, my dog had surgery that didn't go smoothly so even though I got my Spectrum on Tuesday I haven't had much time to play around with it besides in my room. 

Wednesday morning I made cables so the spectrum could control my lens apparatus and an extra long cable to run the slider motor since it's mounted at the end of the rail.

From what I've seen so far with the Spectrum is that it's incredibly well built. I am very impressed with the different profiles created for speeds, there is a quite, normal and turbo mode. Turbo isn't really useful for me since I don't shoot in slow motion but Quite mode is incredible, I swear the speed is barely effected and the sound of the motors is almost non existent. The timelapse mode only supports 2 keyframes so far so I can't really do the 4 axis move that I am going for since the lens controller almost needs its own set of keyframes. I am able to control and get the hang of the different modes it has to offer for "Live Motion" on all 4 Axis of control which luckily has a soft stop feature where you can set limitations to the position a motor will move so you don't collide with the end of the rail on accident or over rotating past the hard stop of a lens. I'll go over all of this a lot better once I get a chance to really use the setup. 

Sorry for the extra short post but I definitely wanted to share a few photos and a quick video of the entire setup being used.