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My 4-Axis Build

Ordering the 3d Printed Parts

Jesse Attanasio

I've never 3D printed anything and as much as I wish I was, I am not much of a Do-it-yourselfer. So I very cautiously read through the instructions and studied every photo that Doug provided on to see exactly what would be needed to print and made sure I would be able to source every part listed either locally or online before setting up the 3d files. 

Doug was nice enough to give me a few tips and suggestions even though he was out of the country but it did help me decide where to source my printing and what to use for material. I ordered my parts from because it was incredibly easy and their turnaround times weren't horrifying. Doug mentioned looking into aluminum printing if I was worried about printing with plastic but it was crazy expensive. For example, the top of the cart is one of the most expensive parts on the rail to print, for plastic it was about $98 but for aluminum it was about $1800! Yea I think i'll do my first 3D print project with plastic haha.

I opted to not print the lightweight low-profile feet included with Doug/s plans and once I figured out exactly how many of each part was needed I placed my order. I also ordered the hardware and everything I needed to order from online besides the carbon fiber rails from Rockwest

The parts will come in this weekend and if all goes well I'll post a list of parts with sources and a breakdown of assembly with some video clips. But if it doesn't work, I'll probably delete this blog and never speak of this again haha.

In an update for the ST4 preorder, the units were delayed for some final testing and will be shipped out from the 13-18 of March. Fortunately my mind is occupied with trying to get this damn rail figured out so I am distracted away from being bummed on the delay.