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looks cool, lacks stability

My 4-Axis Build

looks cool, lacks stability

Jesse Attanasio

I've had the spectrum for a couple of weeks now and regretfully have not had a ton of time to shoot with it. I was painfully reminded on how big of a pain it is to haul all of this gear for timelapsing and trying to setup behind the scenes video and timelapses. 

Refreshing my memory on how to use my canon cameras, playing with the eMotimo ST4 and ramping exposure with the ramper pro.... Made this for an instagram post for fun since its kinda gloomy outside and figured I might as well post it here too

Posted by Jesse Attanasio on Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Spectrum is sturdy as a rock and filled with a ton of potential for the future. Right now it is pretty limited in abilities since I am part of the group of people providing feedback on bugs and requesting useful features but the unit runs solid so far. One thing I really want to be added to the firmware as soon as possible is use of the i/o port so the ST4's will slave it's movements based on feedback from the cameras flash sync and I can use my Ramper Pro to timelapse sunsets.

Essentially, this should be a smooth diagonal line. Click to enlarge

I did find a pretty bad problem with my rail and am having a hard time solving it. The 3D printed parts are made of the "strong and Flexible" material. Unfortunately that flex is pretty evident when there is a heavy payload and wind. I haven't found a solution quite yet but i've been trying to find a machine shop that can CNC the parts out of aluminum. I'm sure it will be ridiculously expensive though. 


I've had a little fun messing with the 4 axis setup but still waiting for an update so I can keyframe focus so it will not take the entire duration of the move. So really I've just been testing it with video. I spent a few hours trying to rig up my Tamron 15-30 lens with the lens motor to zoom out while pushing up the rail for a vertigo effect but the Tamron lens has a really stiff zoom ring and is basically impossible for me to correctly accomplish vertigo, let alone I don't have a very efficient way to push focus   while the zoom is being pulled. I'll include a few photos and a video that hopefully makes a little more sense of all this.

Vertigo! Still some problems with the zoom being not being locked in and no focus control at all but still pretty damn cool to me haha...Sorry for the song, the motors are pretty loud when its at that high of speed and i couldn't figure out how to remove the audio on my phones iMovie

Posted by Jesse Attanasio on Friday, April 1, 2016

I have a trip next week so as long as weather cooperates I should be able to get some good behind the scenes clips. In the meantime I'm still looking for a solution to make my rail as stabile as possible. Any suggestions or machine shops that can help please feel free to email me