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New timelapse gear for 2016

My 4-Axis Build

New timelapse gear for 2016

Jesse Attanasio

A few months ago I got wind that Emotimo would be releasing their new timelapse system. I had a ton of expectations for this system so I followed closely and put some money to the side for the inevitably shocking price tag.

First I subscribed to their newsletter, then after about a month or so of teasing photos and tidbits of specs. They released a full description and specs list. Four Axis setup capabilities with a low and sturdy design, built for both timelapse and video, a PS4 controller but also a built in joystick for setting up shots and more info you can find at Emotimo

Finally on January 27 I was able to preorder the Emotimo Spectrum (ST4) for a slightly lower price as an early adopter. With great build quality and a features comes a great price tag ($2300 or $1950 preorder. Compared to it's predecessor (TB3) which is no longer in production it is over double the cost but completely worth it when you compare the ST4 to similar high quality systems out there with similar features.

Now that the pan and tilt was taken care of, I need to start the search for a belt driven slider for my 3rd axis of motion.