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Chadron Supercell Strike

Top Photos of 2014

Photos in this album are limited edition, signed and are printed on metal. If you would like a standard paper print, please go to the donation form and specify which image you would like and what size.

Chadron Supercell Strike


Chadron Supercell Strike

from 75.00

Exif: 24mm Shutter 2 sec - ISO 200 - f/5.6
Frame from a timelapse
Story Behind the Photo:
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After eating a quick dinner I decided to drive up to the black hills overlook in Chadron State Park and scout out a spot to shoot the milky way later in the night. Once I found a cool looking area I went back to my car and packed up all of my gear and hiked back out. Eventually I stumbled across an old dead tree in the middle of a ridge and decided that would be the foreground to the milky way shot. Heavy winds made setting up pretty difficult but eventually I got my rail and focus controllers ready. Since the sun was about to set I grabbed my other camera and started taking shots of the cool clouds clouds in the hills of Nebraska (easily my favorite area in Nebraska). Then out of no where I started to realize those cool clouds were forming into some nasty storm clouds and once I started seeing lightning I threw my camera in my backpack and started to tear apart my timelapse setup. I ended up stopping about three quarters of the way back to my car and setting up a timelapse. While standing on the hill I watched this incredible storm develop and stuck it out as long as possible until the lightning was dangerously close. I ran back to my car and took off for my campground so I could pack up my hammock and stuff before the storm came through. Not even 5 seconds after I loaded my car back up and jumped in to shut the door did it start hailing. 

Gear Used in this shot:
Canon 6D
Bower 24mm Lens

Processing Software:
Lightroom 5


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