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Top Photos of 2014

Photos in this album are limited edition, signed and are printed on metal. If you would like a standard paper print, please go to the donation form and specify which image you would like and what size.

Beyond Carhenge Panorama

Beyond Carhenge Panorama

from 200.00

Exif: 35mm Shutter 20 sec - ISO 5000 - f/2
Panorama from 18 images
Story Behind the Photo:
For the long story check out my blog entry
This was my first milky way sighting of the season and even though I had been driving for hours I was adamant about getting a panorama of the milky way over carhenge. There is a nearby building that has a porch light that is just far enough to not ruin an exposure, but close enough and bright enough that it can illuminate the foreground nicely. Once I finished setting up a timelapse I was able to setup my emotimo tb3 and program it to do a 18 image panorama of sky.
Gear Used in this shot:
Canon 6D
35mm Bower
Emotimo tb3 Black
Processing Software:
Lightroom 5
Photoshop CC

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