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Size 3"(w) x 4"(h) x 1.5"(d)


  • 12v power
  • USB
  • limit switch 


  • Camera control
  • Merlin control
  • Two separate Dc Motor controls


  • Works with DC motors for Video or Timelapse movement

  • Ability to control cheap pan/tilt mount
  • Easy to update
  • Works well with GBtimelapse
  • Previous routine is saved to controller until reset


  • Buttons are small and pushing them to set values can be annoying
  • Menu is easy to get lost in
  • Ramping is confusing
  • Almost imposible to calibrate to move exact distance



Size 4.25"(w) x 3.75"(h) x 2.25"(d)


  • USB
  • 12v Power
  • 3.5mm to sync Bulb Ramper or another controller


  •  DB-9 Motor and limit switch control
  • Camera control


  • Easy to understand menu
  • No real calculation needed besides knowing how many shots you need for the final video
  • Control dials make it easy to make adjustments and make routines
  • Works with stepper motors
  • Can perform repeat and/or reverse routines

  • Easy Asymetrical and symetrical ramping options
  • Live Ramping to smoothly control a custom movement 
  • Variety of different mode options to produce creative routines
  • Built in default mode makes it easy to setup on the fly during the day
  • Able to perform precision Microstepping for macro timelapse
  • Easily setup an HDR routine
  • SyncGo makes connecting a bulbramper simple
  • LED display for extreme cold temperatures


  • No other options for limit switch besides stop routine
  • Controller to motor cable is a pain to attach and unattatch
  • To update code you must open the box and disconnect ardrino