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My Story


My name is Jesse Attanasio aka ONElapse. I have been aphotographer/filmmaker for about a decade now. It all started with filming my friends skateboarding and compiling short videos. That was the first time I had ever felt so passionate about anything, the level of emotion and dedication I put into those little videos was unsurpassable. Then there was the incredible feeling of pride I felt when showing my friends and family the projects I worked so hard on. As time grew on, social media websites like myspace, Facebook and youtube came around and made it easier for me to share videos and make friends with people who wanted to make videos with me. 

Eventually I lost my enthusiasm for making skateboard videos and spent a few years attempting a secondary passion of mine in graphic design. I knew no matter what I would end up being a creator of some sort, but I could tell that I just wasn't capable of being the graphic designer I wanted to be. My creative process just doesn't work the same way. Coincidentally, I ended up getting a job at a T-shirt printing company and worked my way into a position where I work with creating designs and stitching them. I eventually saved up a bit and bought my first digital camera (Canon t2i). I wasn't interested in doing portrait photography and as soon as I found out about timelapse I never looked back. (2011)

ONElapse started as a username on a timelapse forum, short for Omaha, NE Timelapse. I liked the moniker and when you have a last name like Attanasio, it is just easier on everyone. 

After 6+ years of pursuing photography professionally I have a growing collection of landscape and cityscape photography and timelapse that I am proud of.

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