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“Overlook” is a tribute to Western Nebraska. Nebraska is known for it’s cows, crops and college football — my intent is to showcase the unique landscapes and dramatic skies that the panhandle has to offer.

I began production in 2016, but my urge to explore Nebraska’s panhandle came after a road trip in 2014. I shot hundreds of timelapse clips since my initial trip, and have narrowed it down to my favorite 25 scenes for this film.

Next time you are planning a trip, or driving down interstate 80, consider a short detour to these incredible locations.

Filmed and edited by Jesse Attanasio
Music White Space - Big Score Audio
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Scenes from Film

  • Homestead Sunset to milky way

  • Chimney Sunset with Barbed wire

  • Carhenge

  • Lone tree 

  • Court house and Jail Rock sunset

  • Homestead road Sunset

  • Yucca flowers sunset

  • Chimney Moonrise

  • Court house and Jail Rock flyby

  • Chadron hills hike out

  • Lake Mcconaughy sunset

  • Toadstool milky way 

  • Chadron overlook Sunset

  • Toadstool Flyover

  • Fort Robinson Sunset

  • Toadstool Sunset

  • Chimney Wildflower Sunset

  • Passing supercell

  • Church Pan Milkway

  • Chimney Rock flyover

  • Fort Robinson Crescent Moon

  • Chimney Rock Milkyway

  • Toadstool Milky way

  • Court house and Jail Rock Milky Way

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